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Cutting Edge Solutions® opened our factory in Santa Rosa, California in 2001. We manufacture premium fertilizers and invigorating supplements for your microbiology. We specialize in supplying your farm with the purest inputs required to satisfy the most discerning of customers. We focus on maximizing resin and terpene production with scientific approaches to plant physiological reactions.

Our founder and Chairman, John Piccirilli, has worked in crop production research since 1978. With more than 40 years of greenhouse and warehouse cultivation, our team has earned the real-world experience required to grow exceptional crops.

Our products feature two complete base lines:

  1. A natural organic-based feeding regimen
  2. An exceptional 3-Part conventional feeding regimen

Our OMRI-listed supplements are integrated into cultivation facilities nationwide. We independently produce all of our own formulas here on-site in Sonoma County, California. We employ Americans nationwide and operate our own production plant, bottling line, offices, and shipping department.

The omission of third-parties in our production process, ensures our strict quality control measures and provides our farmers with best comprehensive performance for the lowest price. From kilowatts to megawatts, we are the commercial cultivators’ choice.