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Cutting Edge Solutions® Advanced Molecular Family of products encompass Bulletproof Si®, a groundbreaking bioavailable silica supplement, and two varieties of our complexed carbohydrate supplements, Sugaree™ & Sour-Dee™. The Advanced Molecular Family is designed to build upon our Base Family, and accelerate plant performance to the absolute limit. Our specialty silica is beneficial throughout the entire growth cycle, and our groundbreaking carbohydrate complexes help to stimulate plants and build weight through the entire flower season. Bulletproof Si® is derived from silicon dioxide and benefits flower mass while producing tough, deep-green leaves that are capable of high rates of photosynthesis. The rapidly available form of silica in Bulletproof Si® promotes plant resistance to stressors like heat, cold, drought, pests, and accelerated mitosis. Silica enhances cellular strength and structural rigidity of the leaves, improving photosynthetic activity. Significant increases in yield have been attributed to the addition of silica to the feeding schedule. Always apply Bulletproof Si® to water first, before fertilizer. **NOTE** Bulletproof Si uses specialty enzymes in the formula that create a strong sour, and ammonia-like aroma as it works. This smell is normal, and may become stronger over time.

Sugaree™ or Sour-Dee™ supercharges your plants ability to solubilize and absorb phosphorus from your medium, increasing yields. This complex of organic potassium, organic evaporated cane juice, plant-derived amino acids, and fruit esters, benefit your plants metabolic functions. In late flower stage, a plants natural ability to create chemical energy (ATP) from solar energy, rapidly declines. As ripening stage sets in, overall growth slows down. When chloroplasts degrade and chlorophyll breaks down, respiration slows and swelling stops. Sugaree™ & Sour-Dee™ from Cutting Edge Solutions® is your solution for fueling heavier harvests, and amplified flavors. Sugaree™ & Sour-Dee™ are both complexed polysaccharides, folded into a matrix fortified with an emulsion of trace minerals. This carbohydrate complex provides additional energy to process and metabolize fertilizer farther into the season, as well as provides food for the thriving microbiology in your root-zone. The use of Sugaree™ or Sour-Dee™ stimulates resin and terpene production. The decision between using Sugaree™ or Sour-Dee™ would reflect your plants natural genetic terpene profiles. When focusing on sweet, fruity, and floral strains, Sugaree™ is the way. If you are growing sour, citrus, fuel, and piney strains, Sour-Dee™ is for you. You may combine both for a ‘sweet and sour’ effect. Feed regularly during flowering season, as well as during flush stage for maximum resin production.

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