Bulletproof Si ®

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Bulletproof Si - 1 gal

Bulletproof Si ® delivers silicon in a form that may be utilized in virtually any fertilizer regimen. The silicon form (SiO2) has shown to increase agricultural production, “yield”; strengthening plants, promote resistance to stressors like heat, cold, drought, lodging, accelerate maturity, promotion of a advantageous upright stature which leads to favorable exposure of leaves to light.

Bulletproof Si ® is formulated without potassium to facilitate application flexibility. Bulletproof Si ® is extremely beneficial in hydroponics, coco blends, and soilless growing media. **NOTE** A strong aroma similar to ammonia is normal in Bulletproof Si. The specialty enzymes used in the formula produce a sour, almost acetic smell.

In addition, Bulletproof Si ® is designed for use in hydroponics, continuous feed, drain to waste, soilless, and traditional soil growing applications.

Bulletproof Si ® is recommended for use with all Cutting Edge Solutions® products, as well as with other commercial hydroponic nutrients. Bulletproof Si ® should be applied to roots and leaves during all stages of growth.

Use lighter solutions of Bulletproof Si ® for young plants, perennials, and during foliar application. Higher strength solutions are best suited for fast growing annuals, during both vegetative growth and fruiting/flowering.

Commercial and small sizes available: 1 Quart, 1 gallon, 2.5 gallon, 6 gallon, 15 gallon, 55 gallon barrel, and 270 gallon tote.


5% Silicone Dioxide (Si02) derived from Sodium Silicate

Information regarding the contents and levels of metals in this product is available at: http://www.aapfco.org/metals.html

Mild solution:
Mix 1 ml Bulletproof Si ® per gallon of water

Higher strength:
1 to 2.5 ml/gallon per gallon of water

Maximum strength:
2.5 to 4 ml/gallon per gallon of water

Teaspoon Tablespoon Fluid Ounce Quart US Gallon
5 ml 15 ml 30 ml 946 ml 3.785 liters

This is a highly concentrated solution. Never mix undiluted concentrates as this may result in nutrient lock-up. Add each nutrient separately to water and aerate reservoir regularly. Apply Bulletproof Si ® to water before any other nutrients.

Shake well and measure carefully using a milliliter measuring cup. If adding to an already mixed reservoir, ensure Bulletproof Si ® is diluted in fresh water before adding to fertilizer solution.

Bulletproof Si ® is strongly alkaline and will raise nutrient solution pH. After nutrients are mixed in water, adjust ph to 5.5-6.5.

Monitor ppm/EC and pH in reservoir and top off with fresh water as needed.

Reservoir temperature should be 60-68 degrees F.

Do not store product in direct sunlight. Do not freeze.

Safety Data Sheet