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The Strength Family from Cutting Edge Solutions® is suitable for root-feeding in all mediums, as well as foliar feeding. We use naturally occurring agents that serve not only for chelating and complexing, but additionally offer plants a source of energy once their chelating function is complete. We utilize these natural agents instead of synthetic agents that are not biodegradable, and may accumulate in plant tissue. Inferior synthetic chelates may rob the plant of necessary trace metals, and create deficiency or damage to plant tissue. Damaged plant tissue and deficient cells, will increase plant susceptibility to pests and pathogens. Through extensive real-world research, Cutting Edge Solutions® has created purpose-built solutions to common genetic deficiencies. Natural chelates also allow for foliar applications of Plant Amp™, Uncle John’s Blend™, and Mag-Amped™ during rising sun, or under low-intensity indoor lighting. The ability to apply during photosynthesis, delivering nutrients directly into the stomata, is key to fastidious treatment of deficiency. Please note that proper care and treatment will extend the shelf-life of our products. Stored properly out of direct light and extreme temperatures, we expect to see a 12-24 month shelf-life on these products once opened.

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