Chor Boogie Mural Commission

//Chor Boogie Mural Commission

Chor Boogie Birds and the Bees mural

The Color Shaman Bursts into Santa Rosa

Internationally renowned muralist Chor Boogie, a.k.a. ‘The Color Shaman,’ a.k.a. Joaquin Lamar Hailey, recently arrived in Santa Rosa to paint a large mural commission at local hydroponics and organic fertilizer manufacturer, Cutting Edge Solutions. Presenting the people with his thrilling signature style, Chor Boogie is gracing the north bay with his vibrant spray-paint street art voodoo. Painting at the Santa Rosa company commenced during the first week of October. Work is proceeding to completion on a non-stop inspirational flow, even enduring the recent Autumn rains of Sonoma County.

Cutting Edge Solutions was seeking out beautiful original art for their facility to celebrate their 16-year anniversary. The decision to select Chor Boogie was easily made by our company owner Uncle John, falling directly in line with the local businesses philosophy to first support like-minded Bay-area businesses and artists. The ‘Color Shaman’ is a notorious community-active San Francisco local, producing visionary murals and art exhibitions that are displayed worldwide. His originals are found throughout California as well as the Smithsonian, N.Y. Times Square, Museum of Public Arts in Baton Rouge, Museum of Art Puerto Rico, Museum of Contemporary Art in San Diego, Syracuse University Museum, and the Vision Arts Festival in Switzerland. Attendees of the Beijing Olympic Games were also graced with his venue murals.

The autodidact Chor Boogie creates mind bending original spray art and has gained numerous custom commissions from various universities, musicians, businesses, and celebrities. Working within the medium of spray paint art, Chor is recognized as one of the most technically proficient and emotionally stunning artists worldwide. His self-taught proficiency at compounding and contrasting color, abstractions, and vibrant gradients has elevated his achievements to the highest caliber of professional artists. He was voted amongst the top ten U.S. street artists in the world by Société Perrier. His highly acclaimed works captivate the viewer and produce a surreal feast of color for the eyes

A titan of design, Chor Boogie envelops inspiration and creates magic from coalescing all angles of reality. He is deeply touched and inspired by observing everyday social struggles, healthcare inequality, government oppression, disproportionate imprisonment of minorities, self-harm, crony capitalism, corrupt bankers, the struggles of indigenous people, and the never ending human pursuit of happiness in freedom. As a child, in his first week of Kindergarten, art passion called out to Chor. His teacher Mrs. Henderson showed the wide-eyed child an easel, handed him brushes and paints. She told him you can play with the kids, or make a painting. He attacked his first canvas with a wild messy line-crossing self-portrait. When asked by Mrs. Henderson how he felt about his first piece of art he exclaimed “When I grow up, I’m gonna be an artist!” The fire ignited that day has continued to burn bright and inspire each day of his life.

The completed mural can be viewed anytime during business hours at the Cutting Edge Solutions factory located at 1594 Hampton Way, Santa Rosa, CA. Chor Boogie provides the people with daily visual therapy and prophetic inspiration for their lives, the Color Shaman’s best medicine.


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