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Cutting Edge Solutions™ 3-Part Base Family includes Micro 6-0-0™, Grow 2-1-6™, and Bloom 0-6-5™. The Base Family is formulated with the cleanest, highest quality mineral-based fertilizers available. We blend these products in small batches and take no shortcuts in achieving our goal; to offer a base nutrient array that is affordable, easy to use, and maximizes the growth potential of plants. Cutting Edge Solutions™ Base Family offers flexibility in customizing a feed schedule that perfectly matches your plants seasonal needs. This precision ability allows beginners to achieve professional results, and experienced farmers to achieve extraordinary results. Cutting Edge Solutions™ products are composed of food-grade ingredients and contain no artificial hormones, growth regulators, or dyes.

Comparative testing shows that the Cutting Edge Solutions™ Base Family of fertilizers is extremely low in heavy metals. Cutting Edge Solutions™ 3-Part is developed for use with a wide range of water sources and growing methods, from hydroponics, coco, deep-water culture, and conventional soils both indoor and out. The Base Family components used together form a comprehensive nutrition formula of all necessary macro, secondary and micronutrients, ensuring healthy plants and heavy harvests.

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