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Sonoma Gold ™ from Cutting Edge Solutions® is an all-purpose, organic-based fertilizer regimen. Developed in-house with our organic chemist and environmental microbiologist, our Natural Family Sonoma Gold ™ is designed for use in amended soil gardens as well as farms with rich native soils. The Natural Family is formulated around comprehensive nutrition, tailored according to crop-cycle demands, ensuring the heaviest yields. Sonoma Gold Grow ™ and Sonoma Gold Bloom ™ nutrients are individually formulated so the farmer may customize feeding schedules in accordance with seasonal demand, from early vegetative to final flowering stages. Sonoma Gold ™ is user friendly, easily mixed, and flows easily through irrigation systems. Our Natural Family of fertilizers are 100% biodegradable and are hand-crafted in small batches at our factory in Sonoma County, CA.  

Both the Sonoma Gold Grow ™ and Sonoma Gold Bloom ™ formulas utilize a renewable source of organic-based nitrogen, derived from hydrolyzed keratins and seed proteins. This soluble nitrogen is readily available to the plant at any time. We source American pacific northwest fish to provide a local, renewable form of calcium, phosphorus and micronutrients. All necessary macro, secondary and micronutrients are optimally balanced in the Sonoma Gold ™ Natural Family. For best results, use a well aerated organic-based growing medium that is amended with a source of time released nitrogen, such as manure based compost. 

Solar Gaia ™ is part of the Natural Family, composed an organic-based formulation of humic compounds. This additive is utilized to facilitate fertilizer uptake, especially with organic fertilizers composed of lower levels of nitrogen. Using in conjunction with the Sonoma Gold ™ fertilizer line, Solar Gaia ™ completes the Natural Family and ensures that every bit of fertilizer is available for uptake by plants.

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