Remembering our brother and friend, Shannon ‘Whiskey’ Fitzgerald Doty

//Remembering our brother and friend, Shannon ‘Whiskey’ Fitzgerald Doty

Today we mourn the loss of one of our greatest friends and brothers in life. Shannon ‘Whiskey’ Fitzgerald Doty passed on to the next journey yesterday. We first rented our factory here in Santa Rosa from him in 2001. He lived here with us. He created our first graphics and marketing plans. He took us to southern California. He built orphanages in Zimbabwe with a non-profit he started called ‘Art for Orphans’. He had a heart of gold and we always love him. He is the sweetest, craziest, most amazing man. He was a CalFire volunteer fireman. Rest easy Whiskey.


Shannon and his dog Che

Che arrived at Shannon’s store as a stray dog, skinny and shivering. We threw him turkey and pizza. Che moved in and he was Shannon’s first dog.


Shannon watering hemp plants in Tennessee. This was his native environment, outdoors with the plants.

Shannon always had fabulous hair


Shannon with a sculptor in Harare, Zimbabwe. He sold and exported sculptures across the globe to fund orphanages.


His non-profit was called “Artists for Orphans” Here are a few more of the sculptures he procured.


Shannon owned a home in Puerto Vallarta, spoke fluent Spanish, and was always down for a good time!



We will always love and miss you brother!


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