HumTea® - 1 gal

HumTea® was the first beneficial tea to hit the hydroponics market, launched in 2001 after four years of research. HumTea® is not just a fertilizer, rather a specialized blend of proprietary ingredients, humic compounds, sea kelp, and earthworm castings. Once brewed, these inputs make a very clean an effective tea that functions as a healthy biologically diverse liquid topsoil. HumTea® can be used during all stages of plant growth; cloning, vegetative & mothers, flowering, and flushing cycles. Cutting Edge Solutions® offers two unique systems for brewing HumTea®. Brewers area available in 10, 15, 35 & 60 Gallon sizes. Additionally, we also offer the versatile and affordable 5 gallon HumTea® Brewball, designed for simple brewing in a bucket.


Soluble Potash (K20) 1%

DERIVED FROM: Earthworm Castings, Organic Seaweed “Ascophyllum Nodosum”, and Organic Molasses.

ALSO CONTAINS NON-PLANT FOOD INGREDIENTS: 0.05% Humic Acids derived from Leonardite.

To Soak Cuttings or Seedlings

Before or After Transplant: Use 50-100 ml of HumTea® per gallon of water
For Established Plants: Apply at 100-500 ml of HumTea per gallon of water HumTea® can be used at any time during the plants life cycle

Teaspoon Tablespoon Fluid Ounce Quart US Gallon
5 ml 15 ml 30 ml 946 ml 3.785 liters

HumTea® has proven most beneficial with a weekly or bi-weekly application rate.

For minimal application: Add 50-100 ml per gallon of water.
Seedlings, Cuttings & Clones: Add 50-100 ml per gallon of water as a pre-soaking solution. Repeat during transplant.
Established plants: Add 100-500 ml per gallon of water.
Raised bed / outdoor: Apply 1 cup of full-strength HumTea® per plant site or container.

Safety Data Sheet